5 Must-Know Dating Tips for Bisexuals

5 dating tips for bisexualIn this new generation, dating has become easier than before. As technology advances, so does the mediums for dating. MeetBiWomen.com the like allow smoother set ups for bisexual singles trying to get in a relationship. With all these advancements, what does this generation’s definition of dating mean for non-straight people?

The world has become open to the idea of different sexual orientations mixing and matching. With all the recent social issues arising, it is clear that the majority of the population supports the bisexual community. This is leading to more and more people each day coming out as bisexual. This is a good time for bisexuals to come out and look for a hook up. Whether it’s a hook up, or a long term relationship, here are five must-know tips for bisexual dating.

1. Don’t Be Scared of Rejection

Going out there and looking for a partner won’t always mean success. Not everyone has opened their minds to the acceptance of the bsiexual community in general. You shouldn’t feel the need to prove your worth to these types of people. It’s not worth your time to pursue someone who can’t see past your sexuality. You’d want someone who can see you as a person with hopes, dreams, fears, and worries. Basically, you want someone to see you as human too. Wasting your time on someone who refuses to accept you as a person is a sure-fire way to ruin your dating life.

There will be situations where you feel like you’d give up on dating because of rejection. Don’t worry, keep your head up. The people that’ve rejected you don’t deserve you. You need to realize your self-worth and keep trying to find that spark. Only the most persistent can make it through in their love lives.

2. Be Comfortable with Expressing Your Sexuality

Bisexual dating means that whether your partner is also on the spectrum of bisexuality or not, it’s important to be able to express your sexual orientation comfortably. This doesn’t mean shoving your orientation in your partner’s face, reminding him or her of your sexuality every minute. It means that you shouldn’t be afraid to show your real identity to your significant other.Some people rather hide who they really are, creating a gap between one another. This shouldn’t be the case. Opening up about your sexuality to your partner creates a personal bond between the two of you. This should be the core in bisexual dating.

3. Experiment

As a Bisexual, dating involves experimenting with different types of people. You have a plethora of choices because of the fact that you can go both ways. Take this chance to experiment. Try going out with straight people, gay people, and other bisexuals. This lets you figure out what your preferences are. Perhaps you’d prefer the company of a fellow bisexual. Being in the company of someone like you helps in understanding yourself and your sexuality even more. This may be better in most situations to have a strong bond with someone. Birds of the same feather flock together, they say. Maybe you’d want to try being with a straight or gay person. Being with someone who’s only interested in one gender would give you help you understand different aspects of sexuality. The most important thing here is to experiment dating with different people. Go to bars, go to different bisexual dating sites, go to anywhere that you feel you can start exploring your sexuality.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Put “Bi” in Your Dating Profiles

Creating a dating profile is always nerve wrecking at first. Choosing the perfect picture, concocting the perfect biography, and overall making yourself look as attractive as possible, you’re going to put your best foot forward in order to lure potential dates in. When creating a dating profile, one thing some bisexuals tend to leave out is the fact that they’re bi. They feel that it might put people off if they notice you’re not exactly straight. This is especially true in dating sites not specific to bisexuals.

You shouldn’t hide the fact that you are bisexual, not even in dating websites. You should be able to express your sexuality. This doesn’t that you should be so up front about it. As aforementioned, being so “in your face” about it is the last thing you want to do.

Adding your sexuality to your account also helps filter out the close minded people you don’t want in your life. This lets you find people that you can potentially have a relationship with.

If you’re really not comfortable with adding “bisexual” in your account, try going to bisexual dating sites instead. Sites like MeetBiWomen.com will let you have lots of freedom, because everyone there is basically bisexual as well and you will get some bisexual dating guides like how to invite bisexual women to have a dinner on bisexual dating sites.

5. Love Yourself

This seems pretty cliché, but it’s actually a good principle to live by. You can’t really start loving someone if you don’t love and appreciate yourself. This is especially true for the bisexuals and the LGBT community in general. All the judgements, discrimination, and hurt you’ve received will carry on to your future relationships. Bisexual dating, and dating in general will become very toxic if you don’t learn to let go of your demons.